6 dic. 2011

Stories behind slogans

The common slogan of these four adverts is "See things before they get dangerous".
Can you explain why these four things can become dangerous?
What are the stories behind these adverts?

20 nov. 2011


What is the advert about?
What does the slogan mean?
What are the two countries involved?
Can you write the lyrics of the song?

16 nov. 2011

Baby off-roading

Who is the singer?
What's the name of the song?
Can you find the lyrics of the song?
What is the song about?

8 nov. 2011

Back to life: your life

Here we are, back again after summer holidays!

This is your task: use the Spanish subtitles to write the English version!

22 ene. 2011


A campaign launched by Toyota to debate the plural form of Prius. Excellent for irregular plurals!