14 abr. 2014

Unsung hero

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  1. 1. What is advertised and what stands out specifically about the product. Helping others without expecting anything in return
    2. Who is the target audience for? For everyone
    3. Motto (The language of advertising) The ad comes in the Chinese language and subtitled in English, but does not really need a voice because with the images everything is explained.
    4. Images (description and technical effects) Different situations that a person lends his help without asking for anything.
    5. Appeal lines and attract attention (happy families, rich lifestyles) See like the others responds to a disinterested help, corresponding to it with affection.
    Oscar Gomez Bascon 4º B

  2. 1 In this advertise you can see a man who are helping the diferent people.
    2 This advertise are for everyone.
    3 You don´t need the subtitule and the person who is talk you what is happen in the video because you can knwo the message alone the images.
    4 Diferents situation in the day and the man help a everyone.
    5 Diferents people who need help and the man help the family and families give to man happiness.

    Juan Carlos López Gelo 4B